Rooting and Unlocking Reliance Tab V9C

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Rooting and Unlocking Reliance Tab V9C

Post by abhijeetshekhar on Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:37 pm


Here is how u can root ur tab and get root advantages.
We are not responsible for any damage caused.


1)                 Download the V9 V9 flasher
2)                   Download V9c_RoM ROM
3)                   Turn off Your Tab
4)                   Press and Hold Vol- and Power Button
5)                   You will go to FTM Mode
6)                   Connect it to the computer
7)                   Go to Device Manager

Cool                  Expand the Ports (COM & LPT) section. You will see a ZTE Handset Diagnostic Interface (DFU) entry. Note down the COM port number that appears in front of it.

9)                 Extract the files of (Link 1) to a Folder
10)                 Open the folder you extracted the downloaded file to. Start Sales_MultiDL_MSM7227_patched.exe

11)                 Choose Option -> Port Config and configure the COM on Line 1 -- DIAG to the port number you noted down above. Click OK when finished.

12)               If you followed the steps correctly, at 1. You will see your device's name in the SW box and a READY in green at the right. If not, repeat steps 2-9

13)            Choose "Backup NV" in 'Action Mode' and click "Start All". Wait. Now a file called Channel1.nvm will be created in that directory, ~70 KB. Make a copy of it somewhere else, e.g. your Documents folder.(This is Very important Coz it contains very important data IMEI etc.)


14.       Download  RevSkills from

15.       Install Rev Skills
16.       Go to FTM Mode By Pressing Power and Vol- Keys while Powering the Device
17.       Connect to PC
18.       Open RevSkills
19.       Go to Menu>Hardware Forensics > Port Utils > QC+AT Cmd.

20.       in SETUP>COM Port Option Select “ZTE Handset Diagnostic Interface”

21.       Go to DIAG Option

22. Select Backup NVItems (Binary)

23.       Cilck on Lets GO!

24.   Give a " FILENAME.NVR "  and Save.

25.   It will Take Time as 65555 Items will be copied. File will be of ~137 KB

26)             Switch action mode to "Download"

27)           Click on "SW Directory". Choose the "(Link2)" folder. Click OK.

28)              Then Click on "START ALL" The V9C ROM Will Be Flashed into your Rom.

28)      Pull OUT the battery for ~10 Seconds, Put it in, and Power UP using JUST the POWER button ..

29)             CONGRATS Your Tablet is unlocked and ready to GO!!

30)        Now GO to FTM Mode Again and Restore your NV using RevSkills.

To RESTORE Select “Restore NV(Binary)” Select the (FILENAME) and click Lets GO!

                                                 Rooting Steps ..

i)                    Follow the Unlocking Procedure
ii)                   Just replace link in Step 2 with with
iii)           Restart Your Tablet
vi)           Wait for ~10 Seconds the RED LED will GO OFF.
vii)          It’s the first time so it will take time but eventually your Animation will be displayed.
iv)                 CONGRATS Your Tablet is rooted and ready to GO!!


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